Live HD Video broadcasting in adult webcam chat

High quality video gives model an undeniable advantage, which brings and keeps clients coming back at model’s webcam site. Considering the growing demand for live HD video in adult webcam sites, we would like to help the models working with our service to use live HD feature effectively. In this article we give general information on live HD video broadcasting and a brief guide on starting HD broadcasting at your webcam chat.

What are technical requirements for live HD video broadcasting:

  • Upload speed: 2 Mbit/sec or more. You can ask your Internet provider to know your upload speed. Please note that upload speed is not the same as download speed. Providers usually tell the download speed (as most of Internet users receive more information than they send it). And for broadcasting it is upload speed that should be considered.
    Also it is important that your transmit channel is free for broadcasting online video. If you broadcast your web camera at several sites concurrently, it is recommended that you use channel with higher speed.
  • Up-to-date camera with high-quality optics and high resolution capacity. For broadcasting live HD video we recommend to use Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 or professional video cameras.

How to start using live HD video feature?

To broadcast live HD video, you should have Adobe FMLE installed to your computer. This is free Adobe software, which you can download at:

After Adobe FMLE is installed, to start broadcasting in HD mode, login to your account at and click “Broadcast”. To switch to HD mode:

1. Click “Settings” in your broadcasting panel. In “Video stream coding” field choose “Flash media live encoder”. Wait a few seconds (do not close settings window), and in the same line a caption “Profile FMLE” will appear. Click on this caption and save file “fmle.xml” at your computer. Click “Save” the settings, then you will see “Broadcasting via Adobe Flash Media Encoder” in your camera window.

2. Start Adobe FMLE program. In the opened window (in left upper corner) choose File >> Open Profile and choose “fmle.xml” file, which you saved in step 1. A message can appear: “Profile Validation. Some of the tags in the profile have incorrect or no values. FMLE will use default values for these tags. For details, please refer to encoding logs.” - click “Ok”.

3. To start broadcasting through FMLE, press “Start” button in Adobe FMLE window.

If you have any difficulties with HD mode settings or you will need to test the video quality, please contact our Support.

How to switch from normal mode to live HD mode?

If you are using HD mode for the first time, please read the HD broadcasting settings guide above and make all necessary settings.
After the settings are made, to switch from normal mode to HD:
1. Click HD start in your broadcasting panel.
2. Start Adobe FMLE and press “Start” button.

How to switch from HD mode to normal (Flash media player)?

To switch from HD mode to normal mode:
1. In Adobe FMLE window press “Stop” button.
2. Close Adobe FMLE program window.
3. In you broadcasting panel click “Settings”. In “Video stream coding” field choose “Flash media player” and click “Save”. You will see your web camera image in your broadcasting panel camera window.